Punta de Lobos is one of the main tourist attractions of Pichilemu, receiving more than 600,000 tourists annually. This load of people generates a high compaction and erosion of the land, thus highlighting the need to seek a balance between conservation and use of the place. Our hiking and infrastructure plan is a project that seeks to preserve Punta de Lobos for as long as possible, sustaining current and future use, thus allowing everyone to enjoy the space.


Among the interventions, it is sought to define access to the park, define flora restoration zones (Ecological Restoration Plan), enable viewpoints and trails safely for the use of visitors, enable equipment and infrastructure: bicycle racks, decks for surfers and sidewalks, improvement of slopes for fishermen and surfers.


The entire plan is based on minimal intervention, the use of recycled materials, the durability of the project and universal accessibility.


*Project in funding search stage.


Pichilemu, Región Libertador Bernardo O’higgins, Chile


Email: info@puntadelobos.org