Newsletter n°2 – Fundación Punta de Lobos

Update from Fundación Punta de Lobos:

Moving forward with Conservation

Fundación Punta de Lobos has made tangible progress working with the community to protect our beloved Punta de Lobos, thanks to your support from the Lobos Por Siempre campaign with Save The Waves and Patagonia.

Local Community Meeting

Before the summer we held an important meeting at the municipal auditorium of Pichilemu, where we shared the design principles of the project and the team in charge of making it happen. The community meeting also generated open dialogue with the local stakeholders - Pichilemu's mayor, local councilors, neighborhood representatives, surfers, fishermen, businesses, tourism officials and other members of the community, demonstrating great support for the initiative.

Designing Together

Collaborative input from the whole community of Punta De Lobos has been essential in every step of the project. To create a shared vision regarding the design and implementation of this project has and always will be a key factor allowing us to move forward as a community.

Fence Installation, Roundabout Construction and Parking Signs

We built a roundabout at the end of the road allowing cars to turn around, reducing traffic jams and allowing for overall better and safer traffic flow. This enables families and kids to enjoy Punta De Lobos in a safer manner without cars at the end sector of the road.

We also lowered the height of the fence next to the road to the Mirador and reused the wood to create a perimeter fence around the cliffs. We left the established access points for fishermen and surfers. The location of the access points was established working closely with both groups. These actions aim to stop erosion, restore sensitive habitat, protect the native vegetation on the cliffs and improve safety for all visitors.

Dry Composting Toilets Installed

We completed a series bathrooms using Dry Composting Toilets, provisionally installed in El Mirador. The innovative system works using bacteria, without water or electricity and converts human waste in organic raw material (natural fertilizer). This is an environmentally friendly solution that helps improves issues due to the lack of bathrooms in Punta de Lobos. We would like to thank the more than 1.000 users who followed instructions of use for success of the new system.

FPL Offices Restoration

The former house of one of Punta de Lobos first surfers Jean Robert Pistone, is being restored with the objective of becoming the FPL headquarters. The idea is to have a place that promotes, and gather scientific thinking for environmental and Ocean related topics, as well as Coastal Planning. This constuction aims to create a space in which different organizations and scientists can get together to collaborate towards these very relevant challenges.

Call for Volunteers

We'd like to thank all of the people who showed special interest in protecting Punta de Lobos, who volunteered to help us with the restoration this summer. We appreciate the interest shown towards project and want to remind you that we will always need more committed volunteers who are willing to contribute!

Biocitizen y Superfun Event

Together with Superfun Chile and the students of Biocitizen of University Mass Amherst, we held an end of the year event in La Punta that brought together many people who are interested in the project. It was a very productive event, where we held educational talks and cleaned the area along with an artistic exposition of work donated by the students to the foundation.

Articles in Marejadas and Revista Turismo Pichilemu magazines

The history, mission and our actions to protect Punta de Lobos were reflected in Marejadas magazine which started printing again after 9 years and Revista Turismo Pichilemu magazines, both published in summer 2017. We thank both magazines for allowing us to communicate this project to the masses.

#LeaveNoTrace Campaign

We launched our #Leave No Trace campaign, which joined the Pichilemu Espacio Libre de Bolsas Plásticas campaign, led by the local authorities. The goal is to work together on the replacement of plastic bags with reusable ecological ones.

Forest Fires

The contingency caused by the forest fires that affected our country, forced us to take action and change the course of our objectives for a moment. We decided to launch emergency operations to support the affected areas in our VI Region. We thank everyone who participated with so much energy and strength. It was very special and beautiful to see the union of the “Pichilemians”in the face of adversity.

2017 End of Summer Event

With the purpose of further engaging the community with the project, we had an event focused on beach cleaning, educational talks and interpretative tours of the place.

The participants worked to leave Punta De Lobos cleaner than before, also learning about the flora and fauna of this magical place.A great way to end this summer!

We were invited to participate in Lollapalooza Chile, Saberes Femeninos Pichilemu and Sutainable Business Seminar

To further spread our message of enviromental preservation we activlely participated in some events were we could share with people who care and support enviromental causes like ours and who understand the importance of protecting our own nature. At these events we were able to succesfully comunicate the projects mission and at the same time we had a chance to learn a lot from the people who attended!

The future of Punta de Lobos looks promising as log as the Community manages to organize, stops developing out of control, stops the invasive real estate and achieves perpetual land protection. This is why, the support of each and every one of you will be fundamental to achieve our goals for 2017. Lets keep moving forward together, focused on the protection of our beloved Punta de Lobos!