Newsletter n°1 – Introducing Fundación Punta de Lobos – Fundación Punta de Lobos

Introducing Fundación Punta de Lobos

Thanks to everyone's ongoing support and work as a community on the Lobos Por Siempre Campaign., we are pleased to officially introduce Punta de Lobos Foundation - Fundación Punta de Lobos - a local Chilean-led non-profit organization dedicated to preserve Punta de Lobos's beauty and its long-term protection.

Threats to our iconic coastal boarder

The present threats are related with the increasing tourist activity with lack of regulation, and private interest to develop invasive Real Estate projects along the coastline, depriving access to beaches.

Atempts from previous landowners to develop invasive Real-Estate projects like this one.

Insufficient waste management - Increasing tourist activity - Access closed to some beaches - No bathrooms and services for tourists - Unregulated commerce - Private interest to develop invasive real estate projects - Illegal settlements on the coastline

Conserving Lobos Properties Forever

Given the reality of Punta de Lobos and land tenure in Chile, the Foundation is working to apply perpetual protection under a model called Conservation Easements (CE), which will define the permitted uses over the acquired and other private lands, and restrict large scale construction. These restrictions will be written into the CE, and inscribed in the titles of these properties, so they will protect the land regardless of title change.

These Conservation Easements are being designed with the local community, structured with the following values in mind:

  • Coastal Access for All
  • No new large-scale constructions
  • Enhancing the historical and traditional activities of Punta de Lobos

Design Principles for Decision-making

Punta de Lobos Foundation aspires to protect Punta de Lobos, inspiring care for natural areas and creating opportunities for the local community. In this regard, the support from each one of you has been essential to start taking protection actions for this magical place.

Click to enjoy our short Teaser on Vimeo, so you feel the energy and beauty that we want to preserve - FOREVER! Video by Alfredo Escobar @escobarphoto

Land needs to be acquired for us to apply the Conservation Model suggested for Punta de Lobos, in order to be able to implement the natural conditions that the community needs for this magical spot.

Thanks to Save The Waves Foundation, Patagonia, Marisla Foundation and Nicholas Davis, we are pending of USD 366,233 to acquire "Mirador" property, from a total pipeline of USD 5 million to complete the rest of the critical properties for this project to succeed.

Next Steps

The immediate next step is to finalize the first acquisition in the first phase, followed by two subsequent phases to acquire two additional properties and restore the native flora. The Fundación will also construct an interpretive center and signage, as well as optimize the ideal flow of traffic to guide the tourism, in order to reduce erosion and destruction of the land.

Get Involved

We invite you to continue to be part of the solution and support the long term protection and conservation for Punta de Lobos.


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